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The Advantages to a House Extension

By 11th November 2022No Comments

Whether you’re making room for a new family member or simply need more space, a property extension is a great investment. Our professionals have a wealth of experience in this field, so we are always on hand to advise.

This month’s blog at Bellamy Building Company Ltd looks at the benefits to a house extension. For more information, call us in Barnsley on 01226 725 358.

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Saves You Time & Money

One of the main reasons why people move is because they don’t have the space they need. As a result, they are forced out of the area and house they love.

Instead of putting down a deposit for a new home, putting money towards extending your current property will save you money in the long run.

Adds Value to Your Home

A house extension can also add value to your property by up to 25%. If you build a room that is effective to your property’s overall design, you will raise its market worth and add function to your home.

The value you can add onto your property through an extension makes it a worthwhile investment.

About Our Home Extensions

Designed to Your Needs

When purchasing a home, it’s unlikely that it will be perfect for every need you have. However, when adding an extension, you benefit from a bespoke space with you in mind. It also means you can use materials and layouts that suit you.

During your consultation with the team, your requirements will be taken into consideration. We work closely with you to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Extra Living Space

One of the main advantages of a home extension is the added living space. You can increase the space in any room.

At Bellamy Building Company Ltd, we can help you decide on how big your extension needs to be.

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For more information about the benefits to a home extension, contact Bellamy Building Company Ltd. We can provide a detailed, no-obligation quote. Call us today on 01226 725 358. Alternatively, send us a message via our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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